Project at a glance

Title: EXTRA EXPO - from EXTRAction to EXPOsition: a journey on how rocks become masterpieces
Duration: 18 months (from the 1st of August 2014 to the 31st of January 2016)
Budget: €259.371,89
Co-funded by: European Commission – Enterprise and Industry Directorate-General
Contract number:SI2.682319
Programme: Cooperation projects to support transnational tourism based in European cultural and industrial heritage


The project aims at creating and promoting a new transnational tourist itinerary based on a common cultural and industrial heritage: the European precious and prestigious chain of marble.


MAPPING... in order to “systematize” all the existing resources along the whole productive chain of the marble sector in all countries.

ITINERARIES OF MARBLE... for creating 5 different itineraries that will allow travellers to live different tourist travel experiences: visit the active quarries but also the ancient quarries no longer working; visiting existing museums explaining the history and the development of extracting, working and processing of marble; exposing pieces of arts... The study of the excellent experience of the theme park of Almaden in Spain - Unesco World Heritage Site - will be focused.

PUBLIC CONFERENCES... to disseminate the achievement of the project to public, potential tourists and the main stakeholders.

WEB PORTAL... where to find information about the destinations, things to see and to do, where to stay and how to live a different experience of travel.

MARKETING AND PROMOTION... to promote new interesting exciting itineraries and a new way to discover the landscape.


The local itineraries developed will be the basis for the elaboration of a virtual transnational itinerary that will be available on-line. While exploring paths, tourists will be able to discover a new kind of experience linked to the exploitation of the European industrial heritage.

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