Macael types of marble


The Macael marbles belong entirely to the Nevado-Filabride complex, within the Penibético system, consisting of very old rocks over 550 million years. The valuable marble outcrops laid are situated between micaschist and yellowish recrystallized limestones. The area is characterized by a large tectonic complex with the presence of regional metamorphism alpine. Here we find various types of marbles:

  • WHITE. Hard and coarse, with slight blue iridescence that give it a unique characteristic.
  • RIVER WHITE. Fairly uniform colour light-grey and white medium grain.
  • WHITE RIVER VETEADO. Bottom and streak grey.
  • GREY. With a shade darker and the presence of streaks.
  • ANASOL. "cipolino marble" incorporating parallel green, yellow, pink and grey veins on a white background.
  • YELLOW. Dolomitic marble fairly uniform pale yellow, with the presence of darker yellow and green colour streaks base.
  • GREEN. Irregular texture with some areas interspersed calcite. Marketed as marble, geologically is a serpentinite.

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