Cordillera Bética


The marble extraction area of Macael is situated on the northern slope of the Sierra de los Filabres. It belongs to the Cordillera Bética, a vast mountain chain that stretches out over 600 kms., from the Strait of Gibraltar to the Balearics islands. Within it, is located in the internal zone called Penibético System.

The Sierra de los Filabres is the main mountain chain in the province of Almería 63 kms long and 28 kms wide; a total area of 151.000 hectares.

The area of this kind of marble extends towards Northwest (345 degrees), crossing the lands of Lubrín, Albanchéz, Cóbdar, Líjar, Macael and Chercos. Anyhow, the most important area for the extraction of marble is located 3 Kms south of Macael, where 124 quarries are concentrated in an area of 4 X 2.5 Km.

Macael's municipality area has an extension approximately of 45.25 km2, with a population of 5.936. It is part of the Union of Municipalities of the Valley of the Almanzora.

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