Patio de los Leones in Alhambra


Over the centuries Macael's marble has been considered a material of luxury and magnificence. It has been used by former civilizations, crossing the most important ages, assuming always more importance nowadays. Phoenician anthropoid sarcophagi of Cadiz, dated around 480 BC, the Court of Lions in the Alhambra, the Royal Palace in Madrid, the Roman Theatre in Merida, the Kremlin Palace in Moscow, the Metropolitan Museum in New York or Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai are just some examples.

All this activity has created an entrenched culture around the marble that is embodied in many traditions and customs. The stonecutters and mason trades were passed from father to young sons. Food for the stonemason was sent to the quarries in baskets carried by donkeys and basically consisted of a piece of bread and bacon or sausage at breakfast and “Migas” at lunch.Wooden carts pulled by oxen, in which the blocks were loaded and tied with ropes to keep them fixed were used to carry the marble blocks from the quarries to the factories.

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