The marble related activities have been carried out uninterrupted from pre Roman times until today. The specific qualities of the marble coming from this area have made it prestigious and much sought after material. The Romans used it for monuments, statues and household objects for the patrician houses, Michelangelo used it for his works. The great sculptor of the Renaissance spent three years in the Apuan Alps constructing a road which reached all the ways to the sea and working on the opening of the Trambiserra and La Cappella quarries. During the Renaissance period, the dream of Pope Medici came true: the opening and the development of marble quarries for white, veined, “Bardiglio” and multicoloured “Breccia” marbles following the road of Michelangelo. Nowadays, the artists’ studios, open throughout the whole area, are the destination for students and masters of sculpture from all over the world, as an evidence of the continuing prestige enjoyed in the present day.

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