The town of Pietrasanta (which translation in English is “Holy Stone”) is considered the historical capital of the Versilia coast and has long been one of the most lively world centres of sculpture. Many artists have made the town their home or work base. A community of more than 300 artists from different countries lives and works permanently in Pietrasanta, creating works of art and learning the techniques of stone working and sculpture. In Versilia area, sculptors do not just carry out works destined for galleries and prestigious museums. Important names in contemporary sculpture have decided to leave a tangible sign of their affection and strong bonds which tie them to this land, giving monuments, building piazzas, frescoes on the walls of churches, setting up impressive showings of their work. All of us should remember the names of Fernando Botero, Igor Mitoraj, Jean-Michel Folon, Kan Yasuda, Ponzalo Fonseca, Francesco Messina, Giò Pomodoro, Novello Finotti, who have all left their mark in the piazzas and streets of the town.

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