The main reason why Penteli was known since antiquity, are its marbles. Use of the Penteli marble for monumental as well as for everyday applications dated back to the archaic period. The Pentelic marble quarried during the "Golden Age" of Pericles (Athens, 5th century BC), provided thousands of cubic meters of material, out of which were built most architectural and sculptural masterpieces of the classical period, including the Acropolis of Athens as well as statues and monuments of classical Hellenistic and Roman periods.

Quarrying of the marble used in the Acropolis, transferring it to the building site, perfect levelling and fitting of parts and each rock used, lifting of rocks required organisation, knowledge, tools, craftsmanship of the highest level. The architect Manolis Korres in his book (From Penteli to Parthenon) sustains that even today, using modern technology and as many, even more craftsmen, it wouldn’t be possible to build the Parthenon in just eight years as did the ancient masters.

Source and more information in www.oryktosploutos.net and http://elladitsamas.blogspot.gr.