Alentejo is located at the Southern part of Portugal, being its bigger region (near one third of all national territory).

The region is defined by the land bordering the Tagus River, in the North, extending to the South where it borders the Algarve region, being limited to the West by the Atlantic Ocean, and to the East by Spain.

The landscape varies from the high cliffs and golden beaches in the Atlantic coast, to its golden plains in the interior, marked by the soft and round hills and by the cork trees, vineyards, olive trees, and its interior lakes, creating an amazing atmosphere for resting, explore and perform distinct outdoor activities. Each season bring to the region well defined and beautiful changings in the landscape, which provide always a distinctive and picturesque atmosphere.

Alentejo is the European area where the sun shines most. This fact associated with a warm and Mediterranean climate, makes of Alentejo one exquisite region for discovery all year long.