From the Atlantic coast, with its pristine golden sand beach’s, to the interior plains with its soft rounded hills marking the landscape, the main difficult is to decide what to do in Alentejo, a region with so many distinct places and available attractions.

The main cities and small villages all over territory, with its Monuments, Museums, houses and warm peoples with there singed Portuguese, the Alentejo dialect.

The recently built Alqueva Lake, the biggest artificial one in Europe, with all the new exploring nautical activities and astonishing landscapes.

The rich Gastronomy, marked by the Mediterranean flavours and tempered by the difficult lives of local people.

The landscape and peaceful sunsets that it’s possible to enjoy under an old oak, or cork tree, served with some local bread, olives, cheese and of course a local wine marked and tempered with local grapes, soils and sun.

Alentejo is a place to feel, taste and enjoy, and where tradition could be found in each corner or local people smile.

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