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Second meeting of Extra Expo project in Toledo, Spain

The second partners meeting of the Extra Expo project took place in Toledo, Spain, from 27 till 29 April 2015. The meeting was hosted by the Directorate General of Tourism and Handicrafts of the Independent Community of Castilla La Mancha, represented by Mr. Diego Ramirez Fernandez.

The first day of the meeting was devoted to presentations and discussions between partners regarding the implementation of the project.

During the second day, the stakeholders event took place in the San Servando Castle: Representatives of different sectors from all partner countries travelled to Toledo in order to learn about the project, its potential and to share their views, suggestions and experiences in the marble sector. In the event participated tourism officials, artists, hotel owners, museum responsibles, representatives of marble businesses association etc.

On the last day, the 29th of April, partners and stakeholders had the opportunity to visit Almaden city and to attend a local conference with Almaden authorities and local tourism representatives and in continuation to visit the amazing Almaden Mercury Mining Museum, a great example of how to use and promote tourism through the industrial heritage of a place.

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