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Kick off meeting of Extra Expo project in Brussels

The kick off meeting has been the occasion to meet partners and discuss activities to develop, in order to maximize the results at European level.

The kick off meeting opened with a short presentation of project partners and marble sector in respective country.

Mrs Valeria Giusti illustrated the project plan containing activities to realize, time table, deliverables and results to achieve.

Mrs Maria Paola Sbragia illustrated the financial issues and rules.

Mrs Euridice Cristo (University of Algarve) deepened the WP2, under the responsibility of the University. To this extent, she focused steps to follow and drafted a grid to use for the development of analysis of the territories and of their tourist offer.

Mrs Xenia Chronopoulou (IDEC) illustrated the web site idea (structure, technical specifications, development and promotion) basing her explanation showing previous web sites already developed. She collected suggestions given by partners in order to develop activities foreseen in WP5.

Finally, together with Lucca Promos (partners in another European project titled “We.Come”), they proposed to all partners to use the facebook fanpage already developed for We.Come also for Extra-Expo project. To this extent, the page could become in the future the Facebook page promoting European cultural itineraries developed in the context of European projects.

Please visit We.Come & Extra Expo facebook page!

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