Leisure in Macael and Its surrondings - Spain

Other highlights-attractions in Macael to complete the suggested itineraries are:


Museo Casa Ibánez

One of the largest collections of Contemporary Art in Andalusia. Created between 1996 and 2004 by Andrés García Ibáñez (Olula del Rio, 1971), young painter and valued career in the Contemporary Realism. Among the authors whose works are exhibited include Goya, Sorolla and Antonio López.


Gastronomy of Valle del Almanzora

The gastronomy of Valle del Almanzora is a reflection of their culture, tradition and history. The hard day's work required a consistent feed to help the beds to cope that day. This has created a culinary tradition that continues to this day. Typical dishes are migas, wheat puchero, fritá, gurullos, or gachas, together with ham of Seron and Hijate Seron and Lucar wines are a delight for the palate.


Cabo de Gata

Maritime-Terrestrial Natural Park Cabo de Gata is one of the most spectacular Adalucia for biodiversity and landscapes of volcanic origin of unsurpassed beauty. 63 kilometers of coastline cliffs, coves of fine golden sand and seabed considered by experts of the best in the whole Mediterranean coast are interspersed. Several of the most photographed sites in the province of Almería is found in this area, such as the Reef of the Sirens, the Faro de Cabo de Gata, or beach Mónsul. Free access.

El Levante almeriense

The coast of Almeria is characterized by the irregularity of your drawing. That gives it an identity, giving it an attraction for visitors making it one of the preferred destinations of tourists. It stands on many occasions by the presence of coves and pristine beaches, where vegetation is rich and filling and that give the area a 'wild' aspect that draws much attention. Vera, Garrucha or Mojácar are the most popular tourist spots. Free access.


El Desierto de Tabernas

West towns are in a desert strip of nearly two thousand square kilometers surrounded by mountains. Due to the climatic conditions of the desert, in 1954 they began the first film shootings especially the genre "western", making Almeria in a major film production centers in the world. Filming was necessary for the construction of several scenarios that today have been turned into theme parks that offer numerous attractions and shows.


Almanzora Valley

The passage of different cultures over the centuries through the Valley has left a large legacy of prehistoric remains, castles, traditions and celebrations that speak of history, culture and customs of different peoples. The mineral wealth of the region enjoying has left the imprint of the lifestyle of the old mining towns, we can also enjoy the beautiful scenery from its many viewpoints. The importance of water and its use by the population observed in the different laundries and fountains that served for domestic use and for the important irrigated in this area. Furthermore, it has a rich Religioius Heritage composed of churches, monasteries, shrines and chapels. Most of them raised on old Moorish Mosques or Churches (predominant style when the Catholic Monarchs reach the Valle del Almanzora).


La Sierra de los Filabres

The Sierra de Los Filabres is the main mountain range in the province of Almeria, forms the southern boundary of Valle del Almanzora. It has a length of 50 km and a width of 25 km. The average altitude of the resort is 1500m. We highlight above 2,000 meters at Calar Alto, 2,168 meters above sea level on the summit of the Calar Alto astronomic observatory, Tetica of Bacares, 2,080 meters or Calar Gallinero, has 2,049 meters high. It houses an interesting flora with many endemic species.

While there you can stay and eat at La Posada del Candil.

Organised activities in the Sierra de los Filabres: Astronomical observation, rutting deer, guided tours, mycological days, etc.


Approved trails of Valle del Almanzora

It has a wide network of approved trails of varying lengths and difficulties.


Vía Verde del Almanzora

Involves the rehabilitation of old railway Baza-Lorca running through the Association of Municipalities of Valle del Almanzora as greenway for recreational use nonmotorized: riding, biking and hiking. It is a stretch of 68 kilometers from the old station of El Hijate along the boundary between the provinces of Granada and Almeria, and the Almajalejo, in the town of Huercal-Overa.


Large cruise route marked out 1,200 kms. Almeria runs in 24 stages, starting in San Miguel de Cabo de Gata and ending in Macael. For the Almanzora Valley 166 kms run. into 6 stages.